COVID-19 Practice Information regarding Scheduled Appointments: In the best interests of patients and clinicians, we have chosen to limit exposure by face-to-face consults from Thursday 19th March.  Your appointment will go ahead at the designated time, however will be via phone or telehealth (Skype/FaceTime/Messenger) until further notice. Due to the volume of phone calls please see this page for instructions and avoid calling the practice about your appointment.

Phone and Telehealth Appointments

With recent introduction of phone and Telehealth Medicare item numbers to help manage those with chronic health conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Geelong Endocrinology and Diabetes have moved most patient appointments to phone or Telehealth consultations.

For phone and Telehealth appointments – at your scheduled appointment time – please wait by your phone or device for a call from your doctor


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is an appointment with your Doctor that takes place via a video link over a computer or phone device rather than in the Doctors rooms. You can participate in a video consultation from your home via various options.


Telehealth Appointments: how do they work?

The consultation can take place via the following (some clinicians may not be able to participate in all listed below, they will guide you):

    1. Skype – a free online software package you can download to your device. For Skype – you must have a device that has ‘Skype’ loaded onto it and you must have access to a suitable speed of internet to facilitate a quality connection. The device needs to have a camera and speakers as there must be both visual as well as verbal communication between yourself and the Doctor
    2. FaceTime – Available if both the clinician and patient have an Apple device (iPhone or iPad or Mac)
    3. WhatsApp – Works on any phone. Download the WhatsApp app and your doctor will be able to call you via your mobile phone number in a WhatsApp video call
    4. ZOOM – Similar to skype – read further on for instructions

To help make your video consultation a success, please follow these simple steps:

  • Be ready at least 15 minutes early to allow for preparation time.
  • Test your microphone and camera before starting and look at the camera during the consultation.
  • Speak clearly so your voice can be picked up by the microphone


Phone consultations: how to they work?

Your doctor will call you on your listed phone number at the scheduled appointment time. Please be patient as the doctor may be running late just as with face to face consultations!


Privacy and Confidentiality

The same privacy and confidentiality requirements that apply to face-to-face consultations apply to video consultations. Those wishing to participate in video consultations should determine their own level of comfort regarding web based video conference systems before proceeding. Recording (video or audio) of all or part of the telehealth consultation is strictly prohibited for all parties. Our practice does not record video consultations and we do not give patients permission to make their own recordings of a video consultation.


Getting ready for your Telehealth appointment via Skype

Step 1: Make sure that you have the software, camera and speakers installed on your device. (Click here

Step 2: Search for your Doctor or Diabetes Practitioner below on Skype and send a ‘Contact Request’ to each. This will allow us to link together smoothly on the day of the appointment. In the contact section, search for the following names, and send a contact request or wave to:

Practitioner Skype address
Dr Natalie Harrison natalieharrison
Dr Kimberly Cukier kimberly.cukier
Dr Michael McNamara michaelmcnamarageelongendo
Professor Geoff Nicholson Prof Geoff Nicholson (live:5b7c3c0c8bd8dd15)
Dr Lan Lan Lan Lan – sunchosen
Dr Michele Bardin Dr Michele Bardin GED
Jessica O’Shannassy Jessica O’Shannassy
Dr Elizabeth George Dr Elizabeth George (live:.cid.7b01915440d84942)
Diabetes educator/Dietitian geelongendocrinology
Endocrinology Registrar Geelong Endocrinology Registrar
Karen Dwyer Karen Dwyer


Hint: Look for the person with this name in Geelong, Australia. A photo of your doctor or our logo should appear. Ask to add us as a Contact prior to your appointment.

Step 3: Wait by your device just prior to the start of your consultation as you would wait in a waiting room. The practitioner will dial you via ‘Skype’ and once connection is made, the consult will begin. Please turn off your mobile phone during the consultation.

Step 4: Your doctor will book your next appointment time during the consult. Alternatively, one of our administration staff will contact you to book any further appointments.

Insulin pump users: If you are using an insulin pump, it is your responsibility to ensure this is uploaded onto CareLink or Diasend prior to the appointment time.


Getting ready for your Telehealth appointment via ZOOM

Step 1. Register with ZOOM – click here  ( this can be downloaded onto your computer or phone as long as you have a camera and microphone)

Step 2. Please make sure you register before your appointment

Step 3. The ZOOM program is very similar to Skype, as it allows you to share your data, blood glucose readings etc. 

Step 4. Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email with a link to the ZOOM website for your appointment, simply click on the link and wait for your doctor to start the meeting….  your doctor may call you as well to begin with.


After your appointment

Any pathology request forms may be emailed and prescriptions that you require will be mailed to you via Australia Post or emailed directly to your pharmacy of choice. If you require a follow up appointment, your Doctor will inform you of this during your consultation. Your doctor will book and advise your of your next appointment time during the consult. Alternatively, one of our administration staff will contact you to book any further appointments.