COVID-19 Practice Information regarding Scheduled Appointments:
In the best interests of patients and clinicians, we have moved to a mixture of Face to Face and Telehealth appointments. Your appointment will go ahead at the designated time, however will be either by Telehealth or in person as arranged prior to the date. Due to the volume of phone calls please refer to the instructions on this page and avoid phoning the practice about your appointment if possible. All usual fees apply.

How to Upload


Please see this document for how to get started. Our practice ID code is geelongendo.


T-Slim insulin pump and DexCom continuous glucose monitor

Find out more here.


Medtronic 640, 670G and Guardian Connect cloud upload instructions

Install and Upload instructions. Find out more here.

If you cannot recall your username and/or password the it can be reset in CareLink personal by the patient or they can call the help line to get it reset: 1800 777 808.

More information on how to interpret your carelink report can be found here.